Towing Rates Start At $55! Call (901) 785-5554 for more information.

Our Cash for Cars Program gives you an avenue for turning a liability into an asset. The program offers a tow-away service for those old or broken-down cars you no longer want. Your car may have been in a severe accident. It may be totally rusted out from exposure to harsh weather conditions. It may have simply broken down after decades of heavy use.

No matter what the reason for your loss, you can turn it into a gain through our cash for cars program. Even going beyond Junk Car Removal, No Limit Towing will pay you a reasonable price for the car.

Our Program gives you money in your pocket and a free parking space at your residence or place of business. We have designed this service to please our customers, and the response has been overwhelming.

Take advantage of our cash for cars program in Memphis, TN by calling our office at (901) 785-5554.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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